Friday, January 30, 2009

He didn't try to sell me insurance, though

Got up the other morning to find this guy on my little loom.


kimmen said...

Reminds me why I'm happy I left Austin!

Too cold for the little monsters up in the wintry north. I hated chameleons- I found one on my dining room table one day under some papers. He jumped, I jumped... and pinched a nerve in my back. It's given me trouble ever since.


Eileen Thompson said...

Oh Marie - how cute!

Sue said...

How is the handspun in your warp holding up? I aspire to use some lumpy, bumpy yarns in a warp and am curious!!


marie said...

Sue-- It's holding up OK. some breaks now and then but that's ok. I just deal with it. It's a pretty soft single so I'm not surprised. I did always warp it with a strong millspun in the bout though-- I'm not depending on the handspun to hold up on it's own.