Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monk's Belt

After experimenting a bit with various pattern wefts, this is what I decided on. The warp is a 12/1 unbleached linen, as is the background weft. The pattern weft is a wool singles from 'Färgkraft" with little accents in blue wool.

Finally Sätergläntan

I went back to Sätergläntan in Sweden this year. I did a sort of independent study of Monk's Belt, and explored weaving with straw. It was great fun.

Next warp!

Just before I left for Sweden I put a new warp on my loom. It's a 8/1 linen, half-bleached. I want to do a series of large hand-towels, partly to have as gifts, but also as color exercises. The threading will be a goose-eye variant. I like goose-eye-- it has a classic feeling to it, but can still feel very modern to me. And I like the symmetry of it. I used a trapeze this time to warp, and really liked that, it really helped.

One more pic of the White Rug

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Blue one White. Same warp.

I always think it's fun to see everything I've made on one warp in one place.

Moving on from BLUE

I had a bit of warp left after the two blue rugs and wove a white one. Real practical, I know. It's going in the bathroom. I like the way the warp shows up in this one

Yowza it's been since APRIL??

OK so time flies. ... I've been weaving not blogging I guess.
The rugs are done. Here's what the second blue one looks like.