Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Leigh said...

Hi Marie, I followed the link on your post to WeaveTech. Love the kitty pic! That kind of help is one of a kind, isn't it? I enjoyed looking around your blog. Your work is lovely. I too, got a Glimakra last year and absolutely love it.

jamie said...

Love the picture of your helper! Reminds me of my 'PoohBear', a Mainecoon that I had for nearly 20 years. She also liked sitting on warps.

Don't know what it is with cats and looms but I have noticed that they will sit any sort of warp, even a small rigid heddle loom.

Swanknitter said...

Oh goodness. I hadn't thought of that possibility! But they leave the spinning and knitting alone, so I can hope?